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2021 VIRTUAL conference

Conference Papers | Expanding Borders (Outreach)

Navigating Library Liaison Relationship through Collaboration

Tess Colwell, Yale University

Jessica Quagliaroli, Yale University

Measuring Demographics of Architecture Firm Leadership: A Comparative Study across Four Leading Trade Publications

Emilee Mathews, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Material Order SEARCH: A Discovery Tool to Expand Access to Materials Collections

Mark Pompelia, Rhode Island School of Design
Margot McIlwain Nishimura, Rhode Island School of Design

Vendor Showcase Lightning Talks

Actar Publishing/UrbanNext
Art & Architecture Portal
Building Types Online (Birkhäuser)
Art & Architecture Source (EBSCO)
FIMO Fire Insurance Maps
Pidgeon Digital
RSMeans Data from Gordian

Session | Lightning Talks

Process Improvement Methodologies in Finding Value of Book Donations
Richard Saldino, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Escape the Room: Introduction tot he Library for First-Year Architecture Students

Ika Jorum, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Near/Far: Supporting Off-Campus Architecture Library Users

Amy Trendler, Ball State University

Visualizing the Campus

Danielle Reay, Drew University

Library x Maker Tools: A Partnership and a Portal to Facilitate Access

Cathryn Copper, Virginia Tech
Edward Becker, Virginia Tech

Symbolism of Architecture's Exposure during the Fight for Social Justice: How History and Academia in Virginia were Distressed, Devastated, and Deconstructed

Michelle Amirkhanian

Virtual Tour | Michael Allen

The Department of Walking host a virtual tour that crosses the Delmar Divide and examines the ways in which race, class and public policies have made one street a significant division.

 Conference Papers | Open Collections (Collection Access)

The Essentiality of Print in the Neoliberal Era
David Eifler, University of California, Berkeley

Weeding 'Wright': Engaging Graduate Students in Meaningful Collection Development Process
Manuela Aronofsky, The Berkeley Carroll School
Maggie Portis, Pratt Institute
Ella Milliken Detra, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The Short AND Long Roads to Open: A Tale of Two Schools
Paula Farrar, University of British Columbia

The New Jersey Institute of Technology's Littman Library: Active Agent for Positive Change in the Hillier College of Architecture and Design
Maya Gervits, New Jersey Institute of Technology
John Cays, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Gernot Riether, New Jersey Institute of Technology

How to Tell Stories with Numbers: Tracking Faculty Research Output in Architecture
Catherine Essinger, University of Houston

 Virtual Tour | Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park

Nestled in grassy fields on 10.5 acres in Kirkwood, Missouri, the  Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park is a unique and significant residence designed by the legendary architect. It was Wright’s first building in the St. Louis area, and is one of only five Wright designs in Missouri. It is an excellent example of Wright’s democratic vision, intended to provide middle-class Americans with beautiful architecture at an affordable cost. 

 Conference Papers | Innovative Instruction

Authority Constructed: Engaging Students in Architectural Publication Practices
Sara Schumacher, Texas Tech University

The Virtual Site Visit: From Studio to Library Collections
Johanna Kasubowski, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Virtual Reality Artists in Residence Program: Exploring Outreach and Learning for Architecture Students with Innovative Technology

James Murphy, University of Calgary
Christie Hurrell, University of Calgary


 Group Workshop

Expanded and Narrowed Boundaries of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Rose Orcutt, University of Buffalo
Lucy Campbell, New School of Architecture and Design
Barbara Opar, Syracuse University
Maya Gervits, New Jersey Institute of Technology

 Panel Discussion | Spaces

Inside and Out: Investigations into the Use of Spaces Both Within and Beyond our Libraries' Walls
Barbara Opar, Syracuse University
Martha Walker, Cornell University
Gilda Santana, University of Miami
Tina Budzise-Weaver, Texas A&M University
Pauline Melgoza, Texas A&M University

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